Heel and Elbow Protector for Pressure Sores | Blue color

ORTONES | Heel and Elbow Protector for Pressure Sores | Left and Right Foot | One Unit

Specific uses for product: Prevention of bedsores on feet and elbows
Use: Left and Right Foot
Brand: Ortones
Size: One Size
Age range: From 12 years old and up
Material: Polyester
Color: Blue
Units: 1
Closure type: Pull On



  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers are injured areas of the skin that occur when the person remains in the same position for a long time. They maintain body heat. It is hygienic and prevents from possible bacteria.
  • Elbow, foot, heel guard. They reduce pressure favoring adequate ventilation of the affected area.
  • They are perfect for patients, sick and elderly people who due to their condition or pathology must remain seated or in bed for long periods of time. Relief and Comfort.
  • They provide a great sense of comfort and relieve pressure on the affected areas. Its manufacturing material is strong and lightweight. One Size.
  • Made in Spain.