Download the shoulder and collarbone, inflammatory processes which require restraint, clavicle and humerus fractures, holding the arms in casts, sprains and dislocations of the upper limb.

Choice of size is vital to this product fulfill properly and effectively the functions for which it was designed.
That choice is up to the technician and must be performed by a qualified health professional. To do this you can measure the length of the forearm (elbow to wrist and check the box sizes). After making adjustments for the technician, preserving them for the life of the product.

Although materials used in the design and manufacture of this product are hypoallergenic, it is possible that problems hypersensitization some components (allergies, contact dermatitis, etc.) or broken skin arise. Should any of these symptoms contact your doctor or the relevant technical be made manifest. It is recommended to continue rehab exercises specified by the doctor (if any) to prevent an increase in stiffness. Prolonged use may cause discomfort in the neck area. This brace is symmetrical and can be used interchangeably in both arms. The packaging of this product guarantees protection to avoid damage or contamination during transport, storage and use, provided they are made in sanitary and environmental conditions and minimize its exposure to direct sunlight.

This product is not designed to be reused by many people and any modifications made on it not expressly authorized by the manufacturer will exempt it from any liability that may arise from the use of this product and use this garment with the distinct purpose for which it was manufactured. The approximate duration of the use of this product under the conditions described, is 1 year.

Always hand wash in warm water, use soap. In any case you must use bleach to dry clean. After washing, lay the garment on a flat surface wrapped in a towel and let it dry. Because it is a flammable product, do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources. Pay special attention to dry the metal parts of the garment (if it has them) and check that they have not been altered after the washing process.

NOTE OF INTEREST: These instructions have been recorded in the Ministry of Health and Consumer.

Cabestrillo Cerrado (3 tallas)

reference: 02140

Closed sling


Cabestrillo tira (talla única)

reference: 02142

Sling tape

Cabestrillo inmobilizador hombro (talla única)

reference: 02145

Closed sling with shoulder immobilizer

Cabestrilloratier (talla única)

reference: 02146

Sling in ratier