This product is manufactured on the basis of the quality criteria set out in Real Decreto 414/96, transposing Directive 93 / 42EEC on medical devices. It also meets all the essential requirements applicable to it.

The aim of this product family is to immobilize or limit the patient’s movements, avoiding dangerous falls or moves from the bed. Depending on the model and accessories used certain postural changes are possible.
They are suitable especially for the immobilization of people with impaired mental faculties, to prevent falls, catheter, etc.

This product is not designed to be reused by many people and any modifications made on it not expressly authorized by the manufacturer will exempt it from any liability that may arise from the use of this product and use this garment with the distinct purpose for which it was manufactured. The approximate duration of the use of this product under the conditions described, is 1 year.

Always hand wash in warm water, use soap. In any case you must use bleach to dry clean. After washing, lay the garment on a flat surface wrapped in a towel and let it dry. Because it is a flammable product, do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources. Pay special attention to dry the metal parts of the garment (if it has them) and check that they have not been altered after the washing process.

NOTE OF INTEREST: These instructions have been recorded in the Ministry of Health and Consumer.

Inmovilizador tronco estandar

reference: 02010

Abdominal immobilizer standard

Inmovilizador de extremidades inferiores magnético

reference: 02060

Extremities magnet immobilizer


reference: 7000

Hallux Valgus (2 units)

Inmovilizador extremidades especial

reference: 02030 (unidad)

Extremities inmobilizer standard

Inmovilizador magnético de hombros (complemento artículo)

reference: 02090

Shoulders magnet immobilizer

Inmovilizador de cama magnético

reference: 02040

Abdominal magnet immobilizer

Inmovilizador rodilla (3 tallas)

reference: 2500

Universal knee splints

Inmovilizador de extremidades superiores magnético

reference: 02050

Extremities magnet immobilizer

Inmovilizador clavícula (3 tallas)

reference: 2600

Clavicle immobilizer