Orthopedic crutches

All our rods are made of anodized aluminum tube silver with 1.5 mm. Thickness and height adjustable by metal stent. The handles and elbow pads are made of polypropylene. The ferrule is P.V.C. with draining system and with the same grip.

It facilitates ambulation for people with mobility problems and displacement.

Although the materials used in the design and manufacture of this product are hypoallergenic, it is possible that problems hypersensitization some of its components (allergies, contact dermatitis, etc.) arise. Should any of these symptoms contact your doctor or the relevant technical be made manifest. Check the maximum user weight does not exceed the maximum indicated on the label (100/125 kg), use it upright, not tilted. Monitor the normal wear of the tip and change when necessary, using original beads.

The packaging of this product guarantees protection to avoid damage or contamination during transport, storage and use, provided they are made in health and appropriate environmental conditions to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

This product is NOT designed to be reused by many people and any modifications made on it not expressly authorized by the manufacturer will exempt it from any liability that may arise from its use. And the use of this stick with a different purpose for which it was manufactured. The approximate duration of use of this product under the conditions described is 1 year (except the tip, that being a part that wears out with use, must be regularly changed by the user).


Always hand wash in warm water, use soap. In any case you must use bleach to dry clean. After washing, lay the garment on a flat surface wrapped in a towel and let it dry. Because it is a flammable product, do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources. Pay special attention to dry the metal parts of the garment (if it has them) and check that they have not been altered after the washing process.

NOTE OF INTEREST: These instructions have been recorded in the Ministry of Health and Consumer.

Bastón integral regulable en su parte inferior

reference: 01050

Anatomical Crutch extendible lower part with safety clip

Bastón eurointegral regulable en su parte superior e inferior

referencie: 01070

Anatomical Crutch extendible in upper and lower part with safety clip

Bastón articulado regulable

reference: 01090

Articulate crutch extendible in upper and lower part with safety clip