Washable Bed Protector

ORTONES | Washable Bed Protector | 4 Layers | Super Absorbent 2.25 litres M2 | Size: 90 x 75 cm, with Wings 75 x 50 | Colour: White and Sky Blue

Size: 90 x 75 cm, with Wings 75 x 50
Colour: White and Sky Blue



  • Breathable, washable and waterproof bed runner with side wings to easily adapt to the mattress. Achieves proper absorption of liquids and fluids, keeping the patient’s skin clean and dry. It has a high filtration capacity. Durable, soft and comfortable.
  • Directions: Can be used in night enuresis and in situations of excessive sweating. Suitable for geriatric and infant incontinence
  • 4-Ply Composition: Top: Polyester interlock fabric 2nd inner layer: fabric formed by 190g punched nappa leather. 3rd layer interior: 40 g polyurethane sheet. Bottom layer: 75g polyester interlock circular fabric. With a slightly open internal structure that allows for rapid filtration of liquids (approx. 75 g).
  • The protector reduces moisture and keeps the skin clean and dry. This prevents maceration of the skin and promotes hygiene.
  • PERFECT MEASUREMENTS: Mattress cover for bed 90 cm, suitable for large and small beds, baby changing pads, seats or sofas. It will extend the life of your mattress keeping it always dry and free from moisture.