Soft Cervical Neck Collar

ORTONES | Soft Cervical Neck Collar | Neck Support | Pain and Pressure Relief in the Vertebral Spine | One Size | Blue
Specific Uses For Product: Rehabilitation, Muscle
Use for: neck
Brand: Ortones
Special Function: Adjustable
Material: Polyester
Closure type: Pull On



  • Dual function: the Ortones cervical collar has an extra support attached to make it stiffer or softer depending on the needs of the user.
  • Thanks to its design, it has a polyethylene plate that attaches to the surface of the collar via high-strength Velcro, providing greater rigidity and stability to the cervical area.
  • EASY FIT – Fits most users covering neck girth from 13″ up to 22″. It is attached and removed using a Velcro system, making it easy for the patient.
  • Applications: Indicated for rehabilitation period after injury, surgery or strains of the cervical spine. Made to treat muscle torticolis, whiplash injuries, neurological pain, damage to cervical spine muscles and ligaments, increase cervical vertebrae mobility and lower neck muscle tone.
  • COMFORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC – Keeps the cervical in an aligned, comfortable position, limiting the movement of the neck and stabilizing the injured area. Made from D30 polyurethane foam inside and navy blue cotton outer tube, finished with Velcro at both ends.
  • Made in Spain