Immobilizer Arm Sling Shoulder

ORTONES | Immobilizer Arm Sling Shoulder | Medical Grade Support Strap | Universal Size | Blue Colour

Brand: Ortones
Size: One Size
Material: Foam
Colour: Blue
Unit count: 23.0 grams
Closure type: ‎Hook & Loop
Product care instructions: we recommend hand washing with mild soaps.



  • Ideal for: inflammatory processes requiring immobilization, fractures, luxations and injuries to the arm, wrist, elbow and hand. Support cast arms, sprains, luxations, post surgery.
  • Easy to use. Made of soft foam (foam) for comfort.
  • Measures: One size fits all – 115cm x 5cm. Fully adjustable and designed to support and protect the arm and shoulder in any position.
  • Eight-shaped sling arm sling. Transfers weight from injured arm to upper back and neck.
  • Made in Spain.